September 6, 2016

A Thousand Salt Kisses: Why to Skip It


I couldn't even read half of this book. The writing is, unfortunately, pretty awful. I love a good mermaid story, so I kept reading thinking it had to get better at some point, but no. No, it doesn't. I've read stories written by young teenagers that far exceed this writing. It was just truly terrible. Here is why:

1. The descriptions of people and places are laundry lists of adjectives - every adjective she could find. Kill me now.

2. The main character constantly contradicts herself and I'm not sure the author settled on a personality for her. She is one way, then the complete opposite 2 pages later, then she changes back, and it goes on like this continuously.

3. Everything is a stereotype or a cliche, from what Crystal acts like to what the bad guy of the story is like. The only originality I saw was in the character's personality disorder. (which I don't believe was on purpose.)

4. I wouldn't find Crystal relatable even if I was still a teenager. Probably because I still have no idea who she is. But also probably because she is supposedly really smart but is written as an obnoxious and naive twit of a girl who couldn't find her way out of a paper bag (how is that for cliches, Demuth?)

5. Insta-love. I HATE insta-love. Not only that, but it wasn't even done well. The guy was cliche in looks, and boring as drywall in personality. 

I am not usually so harsh on a book I did not like because I know the author tried. But I don't think this one tried at all. There is no way.

I seriously wanted to throw this book at a wall several times, but it was on my Kindle, so I just pressed delete extra, extra hard.

P.S. If you want to read a GOOD story about mermaids, try Nichole Chase's Flukes and Tera Lynn Child's Forgive My Fins.

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